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Lady Liberty Has Fallen

uploaded to Compuserve, @ Oct, 10 1995
Statue of Liberty's destruction - a prophecy concerning the fall of the symbol of liberty due to the Lord's rebuke of the nation's lifestyle and values.

Lady Liberty has fallen into the sea
Her torch of freedom has been extinguished
Her light to the nations has been put out.

This is what the Lord says about you, O America:
I made you a nation and I gave you birth. I called you as My precious possession, My garden; a fragrant aroma in the earth. But you have defiled yourself. Like no nation before you, I gave you freedom, and you had no king but Me. But I ask you, did I give you freedom so that you could do as you please? Did I give you freedom so you could spend it on yourself?

How you have defiled yourself, America. Should I support you in freedom so that you might spend it in defiling passions? Did I give you freedom for this! You use your freedom to butcher My children; to discard their carcasses in the waste cans and dumpsters like garbage; those very little ones made in My image. Did I give you freedom for this? To destroy those whom I hold dear? Yet you ask Me to bless you. Should I bless your greed and your selfishness? Should I bless you as you turn on one another with a spirit of murder and as you butcher each other in the streets?

Should I bless you while you think up ways to pervert yourself? Did I give you all these blessings and abundance just so you could enslave yourself with consuming passions, defiling yourself with lust, insatiable for more? You even make children the objects of your pleasure and with glee you smirk as you claim "I have done no wrong." Did I make you for this? Did I call you to live like this?

Repent then and turn from your evil deeds before I pull you to your knees. Freedom is a blessing that I will roll up and pull away and give to those who will live for My Name. I will give it to those who will live to serve others with My truth; who will put the welfare of others ahead of themselves. I will give it to those who will preserve My Name on the earth. But to you, who take Me for granted, who love license and not liberty, I will turn you from My presence. And you will see the slavery that you are in. For you are already slaves, but do not know it. You are slaves of never having enough. Your greed like cancer is eating you up. You are slaves of perversion, slaves of inordinate passion, slaves of indulging in forbidden excess, slaves of always needing something new and something more. You have all these things, and yet you are not content.

Should I then preserve your government? Should I abide with you while you continue on your way and consider Me not? Will I bless you in this? I will not.

Look at the nations before you? Have they not all fallen? Will you be different than all these? Do you consider yourself exempt from My concern for justice? Do you think you are so privileged that I will not correct you and judge you when you have turned towards the evil from the good? Have not all the other nations that have gone before you suffered My corrective rod? When I withdraw My blessing, you will feel the pain of your transgression. And then the freedom you boast in, you will cry to have once again. Will you then seek Me again, O America? Will you then seek Me again?

As with Ninevah in the Book of Jonah - all warnings from God are a chance to repent, just as God spared that city so long ago. May it be so with us..

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